State Archives of Baden-Württemberg


State Archives of Baden-Württemberg

As the project’s applicant the State Archives of Baden-Württemberg are overseeing the technical as well as the substantive implementation of the project.

For technical purposes a client-server-structure with so-called "thin clients" has been implemented, which links up to a central computer via remote desktop (RDP). During the initial promotion phase, precedence was given to creating an input module and also to programming online- research tools. In a second phase the system will need to be expanded by a number of important functions (e.g. storage options for additional pictorial data per watermark, integration of a location directory, references to paper mills)..

The realization of the project is part of the duties of an editor employed by the State Archives of Baden-Württemberg. This requires above all the development and maintenance of the common classification without which a homogenous exploitation would not be possible. Furthermore, it implies implementing a multilingual offer for classification as well as a thesaurus and a user interface. The editor is also responsible for the coordination of the project in collaboration with the State Archives of Baden-Württemberg.

In a separate work contract the printed inventories of Piccard will be compared with the Piccard-online data and the differences integrated into the WZIS (Alois Haidinger).


Content-related responsibility:

Dr. Erwin Frauenknecht
Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg
Abteilung 7: Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 4
D-70173 Stuttgart

Responsible for the technical assistance:

Tilo Wütherich
Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg
Abteilung 1: Verwaltung
Eugenstr. 7
D-70182 Stuttgart