Württemberg State Library


Württemberg State Library

The Württemberg State Library is involved on the one hand in including new watermark examples into the watermark information system, but on the other hand it also assumes the responsibility together with the State Archive of Baden-Württemberg for the overall coordination of the project.

In the first phase of the project, approximately 3,300 watermarks have been added. To a large extent these came from Gerhard Piccard’s expert reports on manuscripts from the WLB; a smaller number of approximately 400 watermarks originally came from music manuscripts held by Hessian Archives. In the second phase, the WLB has set itself the following two objectives: Firstly, any material from Gerhard Piccard’s estate as yet not included (expert reports held in the State Libraries of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart) is to be presented in the database. Secondly, the watermarks collected within the cataloguing project promoted by the DFG (e.g. at the University of Tübingen) are to be added and thus made available for scientific research.

Content in detail:

BLB Karlsruhe: many watermark examples contained in Piccard’s expert reports compiled for the Badische Landesbibliothek have not yet been entered into the online-reference system. This applies both to the collection of replications and documents from Gerhard Priccard’s estate held by the State Archive Stuttgart (Hauptstaatsarchiv), as well as to material stored in the BLB for the project.

UB Tübingen: as a by-product of the cataloguing of Medieval Latin manuscripts at the University of Tübingen promoted by the DFG, there exist rubbings of watermarks from approximately 380 manuscripts mainly from the modern era. Approximately 200 of them are dated. They represent an important addition, as Piccard did not do an expert reports on watermarks for the University of Tübingen.

WLB Stuttgart: almost all of Piccard’s existing expert reports on watermarks from the WLB can already be researched with the help of the WZIS database. A smaller, newly found collection of so far left out watermark examples will be added in the project’s second phase. These are watermarks coming exclusively from incunabula. Furthermore, all watermark examples gained already so far in the manuscript cataloguing process promoted by the DFG or which will be gained in future, will be systematically added to the database.


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